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Add appointment

Add appointment

This article describes how to create a new appointment in your device calendar.

  1. From the home screen, tap All.
    device 635/262267.jpg
  2. Tap Calendar.
    device 635/262268.jpg
  3. Tap the Add appointment icon.
    device 635/262269.jpg
  4. Enter the desired appointment title, then tap the Start date.
    device 635/262270.jpg
  5. Enter the desired date, then tap OK.
    device 635/262271.jpg
  6. Tap the Start time.
    device 635/262272.jpg
  7. Enter the desired time, then tap OK.
    device 635/262273.jpg
  8. Adjust the End date and End time in the same way, then tap OK.
    device 635/262274.jpg
  9. Scroll down to adjust any additional settings, then press the Blackberry key.
    device 635/262275.jpg
  10. Tap Save.
    device 635/262276.jpg

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