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This tutorial shows how to access and use DIRECTV app if you are a DIRECTV subscriber.

  1. Watch, search, record, and more. You never have to be without the entertainment you can’t live without. With the DIRECTV app on your phone, your favorite movies and shows are all right there in your pocket, ready to entertain whenever the mood strikes you. To access the DIRECTV app, you will need to download the app via App Store > Search > Search for and select DIRECTV > GET > INSTALL > enter AppleID Password > select OPEN.
    Note: You can also access the DIRECTV app by selecting the DIRECTV icon from the home screen.
    device 5115/9007081_01.jpg
  2. Read the End User Acknowledgement then select I Agree.
    device 5115/9007081_02.jpg
  3. Enter your Login information, then select Sign In.
    Note: If prompted, select whether you'd like to allow the DIRECTV app to send you notifications and access your location.
    device 5115/9007081_03.jpg
  4. Select Desired option.
    Note: For this tutorial Watch on Phone was selected.
    device 5115/9007081_04.jpg
  5. To watch a program, select the Desired icon, then follow the on-screen prompts.
    device 5115/9007081_05.jpg
  6. To search for a program, select the Search field.
    device 5115/9007081_06.jpg
  7. Enter the Desired search.
    device 5115/9007081_07.jpg
  8. Select the Desired search result.
    device 5115/9007081_08.jpg
  9. To adjust settings select the Menu icon.
    device 5115/9007081_09.jpg
  10. Select Settings & Help.
    device 5115/9007081_10.jpg
  11. To access the DTV Quick Remote, select Browse for TV, then select the Remote icon.
    device 5115/9007081_11.jpg

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