AT&T Mobile Transfer

AT&T Mobile Transfer

Move contacts, messages, music, and other data to your new device using AT&T Mobile Transfer.

  1. To download the AT&T Mobile Transfer app, from the home screen tap the Play Store icon.
    device 5034/9006123_01.jpg
  2. Type AT&T Mobile Transfer, and then tap the Search icon.
    device 5034/9006123_02.jpg
  3. Tap AT&T Mobile Transfer.
    device 5034/9006123_03.jpg
  4. Tap INSTALL.
    device 5034/9006123_04.jpg
  5. Tap Accept.
    device 5034/9006123_05.jpg
  6. Now in the Apps menu, tap the AT&T Mobile Transfer app icon.
    device 5034/9006123_06.jpg
  7. Here we will be transferring data from another phone to this phone. Tap To this device, and follow the prompts. You will need AT&T Mobile Transfer on both devices.
    device 5034/9006123_07.jpg
  8. Hold new phone or device over the QR code on the older device you will be transferring from.
    device 5034/9006123_08.jpg

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