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Play Music

Play Music

Play, pause and turn off music player.

1. From the clock screen, press the Digital Crown/Home button, then select the music Music app

Note: Music will stream directly to the watch, and playlists will automatically sync. 

2. Rotate the Digital Crown/Home button then select Library.

Note: If a song is playing, you can select Now Playing

Image 1

3. From the Now playing screen, select the desired option.

Image 2

• PLAY: Select the Play icon.
REPLAY/BACK: Select the Back icon once to replay a song. Select the Back icon twice to hear the previous song. 
• SKIP: Select the Next icon to skip to the next song.
PAUSE: Select the Pause icon.
• INCREASE/DECREASE VOLUME: Rotate the Digital Crown/Home button to increase or decrease volume. 

4. For more options select the options Menu icon, then select the desired option.

Image 3

• SHUFFLE: Select the Shuffle icon to play songs at random.
• REPEAT: Select the Repeat icon once to play a song on loop. Select the Repeat icon twice to replay a song only once.


To learn more about adding music to your watch, view the Transfer Media to Paired Device tutorial

To play audio, Bluetooth headphones must be connected to your Apple Watch. To learn how to connect headphones to your device, view the Bluetooth tutorial

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