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Manage Email

View, send, and respond to emails.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access and view email
• Compose an email 
• Email a photo
• Reply or reply all to an email
• Flag an email
• Switch between email account inboxes

Access and view email

1. To view new emails, from the clock screen press the Digital Crown/Home button then select the Mail icon Mail app.

Note: You can only access email from an account already set up on your paired iPhone. 

2. To view an email, select the desired email from the desired inbox.

Image 1

3. To refresh the inbox, swipe down.

Image 2

Compose an email 

1. From the desired inbox, select New Message

Image 3

2. Select the Add Contact field, then select the microphone Microphone icon to dictate a name, or the add contact Add contacts icon to select a contact from the contacts list. Follow the prompts to add recipients. Select the Add Subject field, then write the desired subject on the scribble pad. Select the microphone icon Microphone icon to speak the desired subject.

Image 4

3. Select the Create Message field, then select the desired the auto response option or select Create Message

Note: If you select Create Message, write your message on the Scribble pad or select the Microphone icon Microphone icon to dictate the message. When finished, select Done.

Image 5

4.  Scroll to and select Send when finished. 

Image 6

Email a photo

1. From the clock screen press the Digital Crown/Home button then select the  Photos app

2. Navigate to and select the desired photo. Select the share icon Share icon, then scroll to and select the Mail icon.

image 7

3. Enter the desired contact, subject, and message, then select Send

image 8

Reply or reply all to an email

From the desired email, scroll to and select Reply or Reply all. Follow the prompts to complete your reply.  

Image 9

Flag an email

From the desired email, scroll to and select Flag to flag the email for follow up. 

Image 10

Switch between email account inboxes

If you are already in an inbox, select the Back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to get to the Mailboxes screen. Select the desired Inbox. To view all inboxes at once, select All Inboxes

Image 11

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