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Messaging Settings

Messaging Settings

Change notification alerts, custom replies and other text message settings.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access message settings
• Adjust notifications
• Edit default replies

Messages settings allow you to control image size, message history, and more.

Access message settings

1. From the Home screen of your paired iPhone, navigate to and select the watch Watch app.

Note: Your message settings will mirror your paired iPhone message settings by default. This tutorial demonstrates how to manually edit your message settings. 

2. Scroll to and select Messages

Image 1

Adjust notifications

From the Messages settings screen, select Custom then select the desired notification option

Image 2

Edit default replies

1. From the Messages screen, select Default Replies

Image 3

2. To remove a default reply select Edit, then select the remove Remove icon next to the desired option. Select Delete. When finished, select Done. 

Image 4

3. To add a default reply, select Add reply... Enter the desired reply, then select done

Image 5

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