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Samsung Gear S3 classic (R775A)


This tutorial shows how to access and use the DIRECTV app if you are a DIRECTV subscriber.

  1. Watch, search, record, and more. You never have to be without the entertainment you can’t live without. With the DIRECTV app on your phone, your favorite movies and shows are all right there in your pocket, ready to entertain whenever the mood strikes you.

    Note: Both devices (watch and smartphone) have to be connected to the same wifi network in order for the DIRECTV app to work. For instructions on connecting to a Wi-Fi network, see the Wi-Fi tutorial.
    device 5153/9007081_01.jpg
  2. ACCESS DIRECTV LOGIN: You must first sign in on your connected device. From your connected device, select the DIRECTV app.
    device 5153/9007081_02.jpg
  3. If prompted, review the "End User Acknowledgement prompt" and if you accept, select I Agree.
    device 5153/9007081_03.jpg
  4. Enter your Login information, then select Sign in.
    device 5153/9007081_04.jpg
  5. ACCESS DIRECTV FROM WATCH: From the clock screen, press the Power/home button or rotate the bezel to then select Apps. Select DIRECTV.
    device 5153/9007081_05.jpg
  6. Select the desired receiver.
    device 5153/9007081_06.jpg
  7. The current program from your receiver is displayed. Select the icons to Pause/Play, Rewind, and Fast Forward.
    device 5153/9007081_07.jpg
  8. RECORD A PROGRAM: Select the title at the top of the screen.
    device 5153/9007081_08.jpg
  9. Select RECORD, then press the Back button to return to the previous screen.
    device 5153/9007081_09.jpg
  10. DTV QUICK REMOTE: Swipe left to access the DTV Quick Remote. Use the Arrow icons to scroll through channels and lists. Select Select to choose an item. Select More to access the Guide, Playlist, and Menu. Select Exit to exit.
    device 5153/9007081_10.jpg

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