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BlackBerry Messenger

This application allows messaging between BlackBerry users.

  1.  From the home screen, tap All.
    device 952/435228.jpg
  2. Scroll to and tap BlackBerry Messenger.

    Note: For this demonstration we will configure your BlackBerry Messenger account. To do so we will need to create a new contact providing desired information.

    Note: When using BlackBerry Messenger for the first time, you need to accept Terms & Conditions.
    device 952/435229.jpg
  3. Enter a display name in the Display name field.
    device 952/435230.jpg
  4. Tap OK.
    device 952/435231.jpg
  5. Tap OK.

    Note: In order to configure Blackberry messenger you must assign your personal information to a contact.
    device 952/435232.jpg
  6. Tap New Contact.
    device 952/447997.jpg
  7. Enter desired information in the required fields.
    device 952/435235.jpg
  8. Press the Menu key.
    device 952/448003.jpg
  9. Tap Save.
    device 952/447968.jpg

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