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Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment

Create a new appointment in your device's calendar.

  1. From the home screen, tap All.
    device 952/433988.jpg
  2. Tap Calendar.
    device 952/433989.jpg
  3. Tap the New appointment icon.
    device 952/433990.jpg
  4. Enter the desired appointment subject in the Subject field.
    device 952/433992.jpg
  5. Tap Location, then enter the desired location.

    device 952/448287.jpg
  6. Tap All day check box if desired.
    device 952/433993.jpg
  7. Tap Day field, then toggle to the desired day.
    device 952/433994.jpg
  8. Tap Month field and toggle to desired day.
    device 952/448443.jpg
  9. Tap Date field and toggle to the desired date.
    device 952/433999.jpg
  10. Tap Year field and toggle to desired year.
    device 952/448446.jpg
  11.  Tap OK
    device 952/448448.jpg
  12. Tap Time Zone, then toggle to desired time zone.
    device 952/434001.jpg
  13. Tap Reminder, then toggle to desired reminder frequency.
    device 952/434007.jpg
  14. Tap Recurrence, toggle to desired recurrence.
    device 952/434000.jpg
  15. Tap Notes field, then enter any desired notes. 
    device 952/434082.jpg
  16. Scroll the top of the screen, tap Save icon
    device 952/448493.jpg

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