Download an App

Download an App

Install an app to your device.

  1. From home screen, tap All.
    device 952/432480.jpg
  2. Scroll to, then tap App World.
    device 952/432481.jpg
  3. You will be taken to the Featured Items screen. Tap Apps.
    device 952/434977.jpg
  4. You will be taken to the Apps page default Categories screen.

    Note: For this demonstration, tap the Search icon.
    device 952/434992.jpg
  5. Enter the name or keyword for your desired application.

    For this demonstration, we'll be downloading IMDB.
    device 952/434994.jpg
  6. Tap the Return key to search.
    device 952/434999.jpg
  7. Tap the All icon to view results.
    device 952/435003.jpg
  8. Tap the desired app to view the description.

    device 952/435004.jpg
  9. Tap the Price icon to buy. 

    Note: From this screen, you may also read user comments, view screenshots, and other options. 
    device 952/447702.jpg
  10. Verify your payment information.

    Tap Purchase.
    Note: App will begin downloading.
    device 952/435026.jpg
  11. Tap Run to run application, or tap Close to close.
    device 952/435029.jpg

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