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Quickly add or edit a contact in your device's address book.

  1. To add a new contact, from the home screen, tap Contacts.
    device 952/434625.jpg
  2. Tap New Contact.
    device 952/434627.jpg
  3. Tap the First field, then enter the desired first name.
    device 952/434634.jpg
  4. Tap the Last field, then enter the desired last name.
    device 952/434636.jpg
  5. Tap the Company field, then enter the desired company.
    device 952/434639.jpg
  6. Scroll to Email, then enter the desired email address.
    device 952/434642.jpg
  7. Scroll to Phone Numbers, then select desired type.
    device 952/434644.jpg
  8. Enter desired phone number.
    device 952/448677.jpg
  9. Press the Menu key.
    device 952/448678.jpg
  10. Tap Save.
    device 952/448681.jpg
  11. To edit a contact, from the home screen, tap the Contacts.
    device 952/434648.jpg
  12. Tap the desired contact.
    device 952/434649.jpg
  13. Tap the Edit icon.
    device 952/448690.jpg
  14. Edit desired information. Press the Menu key.
    device 952/448685.jpg
  15. Tap Save.
    device 952/448696.jpg

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