Learn how to set up and access SOS on the device.

1. From your paired device, navigate to and select the Galaxy Wearable app.

step 1

2. Select the Home tab, then scroll to and select Send SOS requests

step 2

3. Select the SOS switch to place it in the on position. 

step 3

4. Review the Terms and conditions, then select I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions above. Select Agree to continue. 

step 4

5. Select Add

step 5

6. Select the desired Add emergency contact option, then select the desired contact.

Note: For this tutorial, Select from contacts was selected.

step 6

7. From the Send SOS request screen, select the Make SOS calls to switch then select the desired contact

step 7

8. Select the Count down before sending switch to delay the SOS call for 5 seconds. 

step 8

9. USE SOS: Quickly press the Power/Home button three times. 

step 9

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