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Learn how to use one smartphone number across multiple devices to send and receive texts, make and receive calls, and more.

With AT&T NumberSyncTM, once you sync devices to your iPhone, you can make and receive voice or video calls from whatever device you choose. Video calls require an AT&T Video Call-capable device. Your iPhone number will display on the call recipient's caller ID.  Certain restrictions, requirements or limitations may apply. Visit NumberSync for Apple Watch or att.com/numbersync for more details.

1. From the paired iPhone, navigate to and select the watch app Watch app

2. Select Cellular. Select Set Up Cellular

Image 1

3. Select Set Up Cellular again.

Image 2

4. Enter the desired emergency address, then select the checkbox. Select Continue when finished. Select OK

Image 3

5. You will be directed back to the Cellular screen where you can view the device's Cellular plan

Image 4

6. On your watch, press the Digital Crown/Home button, then select the settings Settings app.

7. Scroll to and select Cellular. Here you can view your Cellular plan and the Status of your connectivity

Note: For information on how to make and receive calls from your watch, visit the Make & Receive a Call tutorial

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