BlackBerry Torch (9800)

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Enter a web address

Use your device to go on the Internet and access a website.

Add a bookmark

Add a bookmark to your device.

Download an App

Install an app to your device.

View and Manage Files

View Office documents with your device.

Uninstall Applications

Remove an app from your device.

Access Youtube

Watch a video using the Youtube app.


How to use Media Sync

This article shows how to use Media Sync on your BlackBerry device.

Back up data to your PC

Back up data from your device to your PC.


Battery optimization

There are several settings you can adjust on your device to conserve your battery.


Call Forwarding

This article describes how to manage call forwarding.

Hide or Show Caller ID

Block or unblock your caller ID from appearing on outgoing calls.

Conference calls

This article describes how to make a multiple person conference call.


Quickly add or edit a contact in your device's address book.

Make a call

Make a call by directly dialing a number.

Speed dial

Quickly call a contact using speed dial.


Turn flight mode on/off

This feature allows you to turn your wireless signal on or off on your device.

Pairing a Bluetooth Headset

Connect your device to another Bluetooth device or accessory.

Using your device with a computer for Mac

This article describes how to use your device with a Mac.

Tether to a PC

Use the USB cable to connect your device to a computer and share your device's internet connection.

Turn Wi-Fi on/off

Turn your device's Wi-Fi connection on or off.

Check network coverage

Find how much network coverage is available in your area.

Turn Cellular Data On or Off

This article describes how to turn cellular data on or off.


Adjust ringtone volume

Change the loudness of your ringtone.

Create a BlackBerry ID

This article takes you through the steps of creating a BlackBerry ID.

Device controls

This article describes the various controls of the device.

Insert a memory card

An optional memory card expands the storage capacity for music, photos and programs on your device.

Insert the SIM card and battery

This article describes how to insert the SIM card and battery.

Home screen & expand home screen

The main home screen delivers the latest info such as new message notifications and upcoming appointments, as well as offers shortcuts to frequently used applications such as email and web.

Navigate the screen

This article describes the primary actions needed to interact with your device.

Notification bar

A description of the Notification bar and each icon that may appear at the top of your screen.

Universal search

This article covers the Universal search function of your device.

What's in the box

These items are in the box with your new BlackBerry Torch 9800.


BlackBerry Messenger

This application allows messaging between BlackBerry users.

View an email attachment

Open and view an email attachment.

Change email signature

Add or edit a unique signature for emails sent from your device.

Send an email

Create and send an email from your device.

Send a text message

Create and send a new text.

Set up personal email

Add your email accounts so you can read and send email on your device.


Set alarm

Use your device to wake you up or to remind you of important appointments.

Voice notes

Send a voice note or turn a voice note into a ringtone on your BlackBerry device.

Voice activated dialing

Make a call by using your voice.

Schedule an appointment

Create a new appointment in your device's calendar.


Change camera setting

Access and adjust settings such as flash, white balance and contrast to take the best pictures.

Play music or video

Listen to your favorite music and watch your videos on your device.

Take a picture

Use the device to take a picture and store it in memory.

Record a video

Use the camera to record video and store it in memory.

Share your pictures and video

Share your pictures and video via messaging or social networks.


PUK code

Set/Disable a SIM lock code.

Password security

Set a password to access your device.


Blacklight settings

Adjust the Backlight settings on your device.

Change alert settings

Change the way your device notifies you of new messages, missed calls and new voicemails.

Change your ringtone

Set a new ringtone.

Change home screen wallpaper

Customize your screen's wallpaper with your own photo or a preloaded background.

Set date and time

Manually change the date and time to keep up with your travels.


View Memory Usage

Find how much storage space is available on your memory card.


Master reset

Erase all data from your device, including personal account information. Do a master reset to return the device to the manufacturer's original settings.