HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM23300)

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Use the web

Use your device to go on the Internet and access a website.

Browser Options

Adjust the settings on your device's web browser.

Play Games

Use your device to play games.

Remove an app

Install or remove an app from your device.


Write notes and memos using the OneNote app.


Battery optimization

There are several settings you can adjust on your device to conserve your battery.

Charge battery

This article describes how to charge the battery.



Save a contact to your device.

Mute, speaker & other call options

These are features to help you manage your phone call.

Make call

Make a call by directly dialing a number.

Speed dial

Use the dialpad to quickly call a contact.


Airplane mode on/off

This feature allows you to use your device without a wireless signal.

Connect a Bluetooth device

Connect your device to another Bluetooth device or accessory.

Connect to Wi-Fi networks

Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

Mobile Hotspot

Use your device as a mobile hotspot so that you can share its Internet connection with other devices.

Turn Wi-Fi on/off

Turn your device's Wi-Fi connection on or off.


Adjust ringtone volume

Change the loudness of your ringtone.

Device controls

This article describes the various controls of the device.

On-device setup wizard

This article walks you through the setup of your phone using your device's Setup Wizard.

Touchscreen gestures

This article describes the primary actions needed to interact with your device.

Insert SIM card

The SIM card accesses the wireless network and is often pre-installed.

Use the keyboard

Access special characters and predictive text on your keyboard.

Customize the Start screen

Add, delete or move application shortcuts and widgets to view the info you want in the location you prefer.

Start screen

The main home screen delivers the latest info such as new message notifications and upcoming appointments, as well as offers shortcuts to frequently used applications such as email and web.

Power on/off

The power button is generally found on the top or side edge of your device.


Perform a web search using the Bing search engine.

What's in the box

These items are in the box with your new Windows Phone 8X by HTC.


Link inboxes

Combine two inboxes for streamlined viewing of emails.

Add email signature

Add a unique signature to emails sent from your device.

Send email

Create and send an email from your device.

Send text message

Create and send a new text.

Set up email

Add your email accounts so you can read and send email on your device.


Voice Control

Speak commands to your device using Voice Control.

Add appointment

Create a new appointment in your device's calendar.


Camera settings

Access and adjust settings such as flash, white balance and contrast to take the best pictures.


Use the device camera and Vision to identify QR and bar codes, digitize text, and perform Bing searches.

Play music

Listen to your favorite music.

Take photo

Use the device to take a picture and store it in memory.

Record video

Use the camera to record video and store it in memory.

Transfer photos with computer

Copy photos or other media between your device and a computer.

Share photos/video

Share your pictures and video via messaging or social networks.


Find My Phone

Find a lost device using the Find My Phone feature.

Lock/unlock device

Learn to lock and unlock the front screen of your device.

Kids Corner

Kid's Corner allows children to safely use the cellular device, with parent controls and app restrictions set by the user.

Password security

Set a password to access your device.


Change alerts

Change the way your device notifies you of new messages, missed calls and new voicemails.

Change ringtone

Set a new ringtone.

Set date/time

Manually change the date and time to keep up with your travels.

Screen display

Adjust the brightness level of the screen.


Identify your current operating system version and device specific ID.

Silent/vibrate ringer

Turn off your ringer or set the phone completely to silent when desired.

Screen timeout

Adjust the length of time before the screen automatically locks when idle.


View call history

View a log of outgoing, incoming and missed calls.


Master reset

Erase all data from your device, including personal account information. Do a master reset to return the device to the manufacturer's original settings.


Use Visual Voicemail

Use visual voicemail to conveniently check and manage voicemail messages.

Set Up Visual Voicemail

Set up the visual voicemail feature on your device.