1. Eligibility requirements
    Wireless, business & non-AT&T customers

    Requirements for unlocking AT&T phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots.

    • Your device isn’t reported lost or stolen, or involved with fraud.
    • You must complete your contract or installment plan (including early termination fees). Or, pay off an installment plan early and then make another unlock request in 24 hours.
    • Your device isn’t active on another AT&T account.
    • If you upgraded early, wait 14 days to unlock your old device. Business customers wait 30 days.
    • Your service must be active for at least 60 days with no past due or unpaid balance.
    • AT&T PREPAIDSM (formerly GoPhone®) devices must have at least 6 months of active service.
    • If you’re military, we’ll ask you to email your TCS or PCS (Temporary / permanent change of station) documents for eligibility. You won’t have to complete installment plans or contracts.
    • If you have a business-owned device, your company must authorize you to unlock it.

    Look! The important legal stuff.
    AT&T reserves the right to deny any unlock request that it concludes would result in an abuse of this policy or is part of an effort to defraud AT&T or its customers. AT&T further reserves the right to alter this unlocking policy at its discretion without advance notice. If during any one month, more than 100 requests are made from a single source, and if more than 10% of those requests are duplicate IMEI numbers, AT&T will no longer process unlock requests from that source.