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Health, wellness, and fitness devices supporting functions such as remote monitoring, chronic disease management, and tracking of body metrics.

Connecting people within their vehicles; providing solutions related to safety, entertainment, and productivity services.

Enhancing everyday electronic products with wireless capabilities. Segments include digital imaging, entertainment, gaming, and sports/fitness.

Connected devices that provide key data between businesses to help them run more efficiently, like navigation and tracking services for trucking fleets.

Computing devices, like tablets or netbooks that are connected to the wireless network

Products that provide mapping and tracking services, to help users find important items, to monitor routes, and to assist in search and rescue.

While IoT does not handle Smartphones and accessories, we can forward the data to the appropriate parties if needed.

The possibilities for wireless connectivity are virtually endless; if one of the categories described above doesn't cover your great new idea, then click this box.

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To find out if your module has already been approved, visit the AT&T IoT Module Matching Tool

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