AT&T to Carry the Google Pixel 6a

Today, AT&T* confirmed that the Google Pixel 6a will be available to its customers later this summer.

When it arrives, the Google Pixel 6a will be the newest addition to our Google Pixel 6 lineup on America’s Most Reliable 5G Network1, reaching more than 18,000 cities and towns. Customers will not only be able to experience the power of our fast, reliable, secure AT&T 5G2, but also the ultra-fast speeds of AT&T 5G+ using mid-band spectrum, an enhanced 5G experience we recently introduced that offers next-level connectivity. It’s now easier than ever to access this advanced wireless network as AT&T 5G access is included in all our current business and consumer unlimited wireless plans3.

Full pricing and availability for the Google Pixel 6a will be announced at a later date.