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AT&T Upgrader

What is AT&T Upgrader?

AT&T Upgrader provides AT&T customers a tool to quickly check account upgrade eligibility and purchase iPhone® products and services. Access AT&T Upgrader from your computer or mobile phone at www.att.com/phoneupgrade.

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Update your iPhone to iOS7?


Now iOS is even easier to use with features like Control Center, AirDrop, smarter multitasking, and photo filters. The free iOS 7 Software Update is available from Apple. Learn more at www.apple.com/ios.

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How Do I Check My Upgrade Eligibility?


To check your upgrade eligibility status, log in to your account using the myAT&T app1 or from our mobile site (m.att.com/myatt ). You can also dial *NEW# (*639#) from your mobile phone.

Business customers, verify your upgrade eligibility by contacting your Business Account Manager or by visiting the Premier website.

1myAT&T app: Compatible device and online account registration required for myAT&T app activation. Data/messaging rates may apply for app download/usage.

How Do I Upgrade My Device?

Choose the upgrade option that fits your needs best:
  • Is your device eligible for a discounted upgrade? Log in to your myAT&T account to complete the upgrade.
  • Is an outstanding account balance preventing you from upgrading? Log in to your account to make a payment.
  • Get a new device every year with AT&T Next.
  • Share an upgrade with another person on your account if you're upgrading within the same device category. For example, you can upgrade from a phone to another phone or from a tablet to another tablet.
  • Current contract not yet completed? You can still upgrade. Visit an AT&T retail store to upgrade at the full retail price.

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What Happens After I Order?

Your device is scheduled to ship directly to you. Check the status of your order at att.com/wirelessorderstatus. You'll receive an order confirmation and estimated time-to-ship date. The actual shipment date and receipt of your order cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to delays.

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About your order


You can purchase devices online or from an AT&T authorized retailer.

Once we start processing your order, you'll receive a confirmation and estimated time-to-ship date. Or check your order status to track when it's scheduled to ship to the address you gave us. We can't guarantee actual shipment dates or order receipt. Orders may be subject to delays.

How do I change my data plan?

Follow these steps to change a data plan for an individual wireless device:

  • 1. Log in to your myAT&T account. (Don't have a myAT&T login? Register now.).

  • 2. From the I want to drop-down list on the Overview page, select Manage my plan & services and then Add or change a service.

  • 3. If you have more than one device on your account, select the device you want to manage.

  • 4. To add a service or switch to another service, select the service you want.
      To remove a service, select I no longer want to add this feature.

  • 5. Then select Next.

  • 6. Choose the available service effective or service expiration date you want. Then select Next.

  • 7. Review your changes, read the Terms & Conditions, and accept them by selecting Submit.

If you aren't able to change your services online, call us at 800.331.0500 or 611 from your AT&T wireless device, or visit an AT&T store.

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Will All Items in My iPhone Order Arrive Together?


If you choose to purchase accessories with your iPhone, our goal is to ship everything together. However, in some cases, your device may arrive first if the accessory is temporarily out of stock.

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AT&T device protection center

AT&T offers AT&T Mobile Protection Pack for $9.99 per month. This product includes three separate protection and support services:

  • AT&T Mobile Insurance
  • ProTech Support
  • Protect Plus App

Visit att.com/mobileprotectionpack, or call Asurion at 888-562-8662 for more details.
Note: Enrollment must occur within 30 days of your activation or upgrade.

How do I transfer or copy contacts to iPhone?

Like most cellular phones, iPhone uses a SIM card to determine the phone number, carrier, and features available for your account. However, iPhone does not store contacts and phone numbers on the SIM card.

Learn how to copy or transfer contacts to or from iPhone

Note: iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s use a nano-SIM. A standard-sized or micro-SIM will not operate properly in these phones.

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Warranty & Repair

Apple is the exclusive warranty provider for Apple iPhone. All warranty-related issues are handled by Apple, including warranty-related issues within the first 14 days of purchase. Please contact Apple at www.apple.com/support/iphone, or call 1-800-myiPhone to schedule a Genius Bar appointment.

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Managing your account online with myAT&T helps you take control. Download the myAT&T app to manage your account anywhere, or anytime.*Get more done, and save time for the things that matter.

*Compatible device and account registration required. Messaging and data charges may apply for downloads and usage.

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