2011 Annual Report

Driving Innovation

A network that's open to innovation. It's the bedrock of our promise to get to the future first.

We've led the way in engaging the entire communications innovation ecosystem. Giving app developers around the globe more opportunities. Inspiring new ideas from within. And as a result, we're providing our customers with more choices and delivering them sooner.

Our approach to innovation is built upon four pillars that combine to deliver the future first. Read more from full site

AT&T Foundry: Where Ideas Are Made: Watch Video

At AT&T Foundry locations in Israel, Dallas and Silicon Valley, AT&T team members are driving “radical collaboration” with developers to accelerate the speed of innovation.

Transforming the Healthcare Industry: Watch Video

AT&T is improving the quality of care and reducing costs by offering providers cloud-based solutions that unlock the possibilities of integrated care.

Transforming Education: Watch Video

The University of South Florida is collaborating with AT&T to find ways to help its more than 47,000 students, as well as its faculty and staff, stay connected.

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