The AT&T Technology and Environment Awards Program — Connecting Minds for a Sustainable Future


The AT&T Technology and Environment Awards Program builds on AT&T's legacy of supporting research in fields that focus on the intersection of the economy and the environment. For the last 16 years, AT&T has invested globally in research projects that study the intersection of community needs and AT&T's business interests via the AT&T Technology and Environment Awards. The program funds research at leading universities that pursue advancements in our knowledge of how the environment is impacted by Information and Communications Technology (ICT), including the types of products and services offered by AT&T.

The AT&T Technology and Environment Awards Program is intended to stimulate interdisciplinary research involving environmental issues, engineering, science, economics, management, business, law and public policy issues. Up to three new awards of $25,000 each will be made in 2012. Applications will be solicited electronically.

The overarching objectives of the program are (1) to understand how Information and Communications Technologies (e.g. mobile connectivity) can affect the environment; (2) to understand how businesses can apply research findings related to ICT products and services to operate with less environmental impact and (3) to produce university faculty and students who can contribute to solving global and regional environmental problems.

University research projects that receive funding could include:

  • Developing models and systems for understanding and quantifying the impacts of ICT services and service infrastructures, such as wireless and data connectivity, on the environment.
  • Understanding how ICT (e.g. mobile connectivity) reduces environmental impact and/or how businesses can apply research findings to operate with less environmental impact.
  • Developing guidelines and practical economic and environmental tools for rational decision-making.
  • Researching activities that impact the telecommunications industry such as greenhouse gas emissions, reuse, and recycling and energy efficiencies.

Proposals For Consideration

AT&T will consider proposals from individual or teams of faculty members. Whether support is for one individual's work or for a team, the maximum award to be considered for a project is $25,000.

Proposals will be considered from the following fields independently or in collaboration: physical and environmental sciences, engineering, business, public policy, management science, law and economics. Interdisciplinary proposals are especially encouraged.


  • Format: Proposals must include
    1. a cover sheet identifying the principal investigator(s), with addresses, phone and fax numbers (including numbers during the summer) and e-mail addresses; other members of the research team with their departments and disciplines listed; and a one-paragraph abstract of the proposal;
    2. a core proposal of no more than five single-spaced pages that describes the project timeline, project budget and specific uses of the AT&T contribution. Provide statements of the impact that the work will have on science and engineering, on the educational environment and on students;
    3. a statement (of no more than one page or a short brochure, if available) on special strengths of the university in fields that are relevant to the specific proposal;
    4. curriculum vita of the principal investigator(s) including selected publication lists;
    5. sources and amounts of other relevant funding
    6. identification of the university's Board of Directors/Trustees (including their respective corporate affiliations) and
    7. EIN (tax ID number) of the recipient university.
  • Topics: Proposals will be considered for support of basic and applied research and the planning and development of new interdisciplinary centers of research. Proposals that address issues involving the provision and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will be favored in order to reflect the importance of ICT services and products in modern economies.
  • Duration: Support will be provided for work that is conducted during 2012.

Deadline: The proposal must be submitted electronically to AT&T Program Manager Marie Robinson at by close of business on Dec. 31, 2011. If possible, please send your proposal in PDF form.

  • Awards will be $25,000 each and will be paid to the university as fiscal agents, designated for the awardees involved in the project, to be used as stated in the proposal. The AT&T award may be applied to direct costs only (e.g., equipment, salary, supplies, etc.). No indirect costs will be covered.
  • Any published research as the result of the AT&T award should identify AT&T as a financial contributor to the research.
  • Recipients will need to provide a midyear informal status report of the research progress and an end-of-project report summarizing the impacts and benefits of the research to Marie Robinson at following the timelines listed below.


December 31, 2011 Proposals due to Marie Robinson
March 2012 AT&T Technology and Environment Awards Program Awards recipients announced
September 2012 Submit mid-year informal status reports to Marie Robinson
January 2013 or Conclusion of Project Submit detailed formal reports to Marie Robinson
  • Recipients will need to provide a public relations contact from their respective university in order to develop a media plan for announcing and/or celebrating the research.