Diversity Management

Talent Development Programs

  • AT&T University

    — Our flagship innovation and talent development engine, AT&T University helps us accelerate growth, foster innovation, and develop leadership capabilities at every management level. Since the opening of AT&T University, more than 100,000 managers have participated in a robust blend of onsite and virtual classroom sessions.
  • AT&T Connect to Success

    — This mentoring program is designed to connect selected managers in fruitful mentoring relationships and foster leadership training opportunities for all, including women and people of color. AT&T Connect to Success provides a broad range of managers with the ability to deepen their networks, develop and strengthen a variety of areas, and broaden their collaboration skills.
  • AT&T Self-Development Resource Center

    — This virtual resource center supports all employees in developing strategies to remain competitive in our work environment. Services include resume writing and interview workbooks, skill-building tools, test preparation material, career-related workshops, mentoring material and an extensive library of developmental resources. A section of the library is dedicated to diversity awareness and education.
  • Career Movement

    — Management and occupational employees can nominate themselves for job openings throughout the company. Hiring managers are provided with a diversified pool of qualified job candidates.
  • Continuing Skills Training

    —In a world of rapidly changing technology, the demand for new skills is constant. At AT&T, a comprehensive training program is offered to employees in areas from sales to engineering. More than 10,000 courses are available to employees, including courses in consumer call center and retail sales, business call center and direct sales, network engineering and direct sales, and network (wireless and wireline).
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program

    — Financial assistance is provided to management and non-management employees pursuing academic degrees that benefit both the employee and the company. In 2009, AT&T's tuition program assisted more than 9,800 candidates; 49 percent were women and 54 percent people of color.