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Fostering Innovation at Leading Universities

Collaborating with some of the brightest minds in academia can advance the development of new technologies and services. That's why, for more than 100 years, we've been teaming up with research teams from some of the world's leading universities.

As of the end of 2010, we are actively working with faculty and students at more than 75 top universities in the U.S. and outside the U.S., including Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Universities of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Texas and Georgia Institute of Technology, on joint research ventures.

Through our AT&T Labs Fellowship Program (ALFP), we fund educational expenses of students working on their doctoral dissertations in areas of interest to AT&T. For more than 36 years, ALFP and its precursors have supported under-represented minority and women doctoral students in key disciplines.

We know that collaboration is vital to our success. We highlight this with the annual AT&T Labs University Collaborations Symposium. Here, AT&T Labs researchers, university professors and interns gather to share current joint research projects, discuss progress and make plans for future endeavors.

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Connecting Minds for a Sustainable Future

We also seek to foster innovation at leading universities by supporting environmental research through our Technology and Environment Awards Program. For the last 16 years, AT&T has invested globally in research projects that study the intersection of community needs and AT&T's business interests via the AT&T Technology and Environment Awards. It provides annual awards of $25,000 to as many as three academic research teams at universities across the country.

These grants help faculty and students contribute to solving global and regional environmental problems and help shape environmentally and economically efficient strategies.

Learn more about the Technology and Environment Awards program.

Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration

Each year, AT&T internally recognizes the accomplishments of employees in its technical community by bestowing AT&T Fellows Honors and Science and Technology Medals. These medals honor individuals for their sustained, outstanding and unique contributions to the company and the world through their technical and scientific achievements.

2010 Fellows

  • Dr. Edward Amoroso — For a distinguished career in pioneering contributions and innovations in the architecture design and development of information security.
  • Theodore Johnson — For outstanding contributions in database and data stream processing systems.
  • Mikkel Thorup — For outstanding innovation in algorithms, including advanced hashing and sampling techniques applied to AT&T's Internet traffic analysis and speech services.

2010 AT&T Science and Technology Medalists

  • Mark Austin — For extraordinary technical contributions to reducing NDC and improving customer experience.
  • Gregory Bond — For outstanding technical innovation in voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) application languages resulting in AT&T Communication Services.
  • Burt Bossi — For innovation and advocacy of Internet protocol (IP) relay services, technical solutions for the deaf and hearing impaired community.
  • Leonard Ciavattone — For continued innovation in active performance management of AT&T's IP/ Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.
  • Elie M. Francis — For technical management, leadership and sustained innovation in the management and operation of large-scale IP/MPLS networks.
  • William T. Marshall— For creation of VoIP foundations including protocols, quality of service, security, standards and intellectual property.
  • Gomathi Ramachandran — For technical leadership and sustained contributions in the accurate measurement and analysis of IP network performance.
  • Gary Tennyson — For key contributions to digital subscriber loop (xDSL) industry standards and paving the way for successful implementation with innovative approaches.
  • Sheryl Woodward — For studies of the long-term reliability of installed optical fiber.

AT&T Labs Researcher Named To the Top Five 2010 Women of the Year

In 2010 Hispanic Business Magazine named Alicia Abella one of the "Top Five 2010 Women of the Year." The HispanicBusiness Magazine recognized Abella for her technical skills and expertise, as well as her drive, vision, and research leadership. Abella's contributions have helped change the way people interact with each other. She holds multiple patents and her research helps AT&T build, evaluate, understand, and improve its people-facing services, particularly applications that use collaboration or sharing. HispanicBusiness Magazine also noted Abella's contributions as a mentor of young women and Hispanics in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). She serves as vice president of the Young Science Achievers Program, recently hosted students as part of National Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and is the chair of the AT&T Labs Fellowship Program.

AT&T Executives Named "Most Important Hispanics in Technology"

In July 2010, Thaddeus Arroyo, CIO, and Yno Gonzalez, Senior Vice President — Network Operations, were named to Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology (HE&IT) magazine's list of "Most Important Hispanics in Technology." The list recognizes Hispanic executives who are at the forefront of technology innovation for their respective firms.

Arroyo, Gonzales and Abella represent a new wave of leaders at AT&T and the industry as a whole. Their innovative work is revolutionizing the way people communicate and their work within their communities is having an impact on the next generation of scientists and engineers.

2010 Industrial Ecology/AT&T Technology and Environment Award Winners

  • University of Arkansas — Proposed a project to develop baselines for technologies for energy efficient, environmentally and economically sustainable "wireless relay" networks.
  • Flathead Community College — Proposed a project to investigate the impacts of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) on the study and management of wolves in northwestern Montana.
  • University of Michigan — Proposed a project to involve local earth science teachers and several of their students along with faculty and UM-Dearborn students in a project to evaluate soil contamination in the Delray community of southwest Detroit.