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Privacy Manager

Know who's on the line...every time!

Privacy Manager* is a call screening service that stops unidentified calls before your phone rings. It works with Caller ID to identify all incoming calls that do not show a phone number.

Calls which show as Anonymous, Unavailable, Out of Area or Private, are asked to identify themselves in order to complete the call.

How to use
When an unidentified call reaches your line, the caller will hear:

    "The person you are trying to reach does not accept unidentified calls. Your Caller ID was not received. To enter an access code, press 1, or to record your name so that we may announce your call, press 2."
  • If the caller announces his or her name, your phone will ring and "Privacy Manager" appears on your Caller ID box. You then know that this is a screened call and you have four options in which to handle the call:

    1. Accept the call
    2. Reject the call and the caller will here:
      "The person you are calling is not available at the time. Please try again later."
    3. Send the call to SNET Voice Mail, an answering machine, or a Voice Mail Telephone answering system.
    4. Send a solicitor's rejection and the caller will here:
      "Attention! Phone solicitors, please add this person's name and telephone number to your Do Not Call list. The person you are calling does not accept phone solicitations."

  • Callers with blocked numbers will be given the option to unblock their number for just this call, and the call will be connected.

  • You can also provide frequent callers, whose numbers are unidentified, with an access code that they can enter when promted so they can then ring through to your phone without recording their name.
    Note: Each access code must be ten digits long.

Profile Manager
Profile Manager allows you to setup access codes, change your Personal Identification Number (PIN), or turn Privacy Manager on or off.

To access Profile Manager
  • Call 1-866-212-2223
  • Enter your PIN

Note: Your initial PIN will be the last four digits of your phone number. You will be required to change your PIN during your first call.

Setup access codes
  • Access codes must be ten digits long

Note: For easy management, setup access codes to match ten digit home numbers
  • You are limited to 10 access codes

Note: You may use the same access code more then once

It is necessary if you have Anonymous Call Rejection, to turn it off when using Privacy Manager.

To turn Anonymous Call Rejection off
  • Press *87 (1187 from a rotary phone)

Privacy Manager is available in most of Connecticut


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