Solutions for Customers with Disabilities

Hearing Solutions

How to Reach Us

Sales and Service Center for Disability and Aging

  • 1-800-651-5111 (TTY only)
  • 1-800-772-3140 (voice)

Repair Center

  • 1-800-397-3172 (TTY only)
  • 611 (voice)

Discounts and Exemptions

TTY Local Toll Discount
Qualified customers using a TTY will receive a discount for local toll calls. To see if you qualify or for more information, contact our local TTY customer service office at 1-800-651-5111.

Directory Listing for TTY Users
Customers who have a TTY may include this information as a part of their directory listing at no additional charge. For more information or to order a TTY listing, contact our Sales and Service Center for Disability and Aging at 1-800-651-5111 (TTY only).

Other Services

Monthly Telephone Bills
On-Line Billing and Payment service allows you to view and pay your phone bill online. Get more information about On-line Billing and Payment or register now to manage your account online.