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Contract Negotiations
AT&T Core Contract Negotiations

With the announcement of a tentative agreement between AT&T and the Southeast region core wireline contract on Feb.8, 2010, about 97 percent of AT&T's core wireline employees are covered by ratified contracts or tentative agreements.

The Southeast tentative agreement will be submitted to the union membership for a ratification vote. An earlier tentative agreement failed to ratify, and negotiators for both the Company and CWA went back to the bargaining table to reach the new agreement. The Southeast contract expired on Aug. 8, 2009, and employees continued to work under the terms of the expired contract.

Negotiations continue in CWA District 1 - AT&T's East Region covering employees in Connecticut. East is the last remaining region where the contract expired April 4, 2009 that has yet to reach a contract. Contracts were previously reached and ratified with CWA in the West, Southwest, and Midwest regions; with legacy AT&T Corp.; and with the IBEW.

This Web site is dedicated to providing status updates and background information on the negotiations that are still ongoing. AT&T and CWA remain committed to bargaining in good faith with the objective of reaching fair and reasonable agreements.

AT&T is proud to be one of America's largest employers and the largest private-sector employer of full-time union labor. As a major union employer, collective bargaining has long been a regular part of our business, and we have a strong tradition of mutual respect in collective bargaining negotiations with our union partners. Leadership from both the company and the union is committed to reaching agreements that are fair to employees and provide the company the flexibility it needs in today's highly competitive telecommunications environment.

AT&T will update this Web site as developments warrant and visitors are encouraged to check the site periodically for current information on the status of negotiations. It is accessible from any computer or device with Internet access and is available to any interested parties, including all employees, management and non-management.


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