Bundle your AT&T Local and Wireless Services Bills

Small Business customers can bundle their AT&T local and wireless services into a single monthly bill for greater convenience. Register for AT&T Account Management to view and pay your bill online. If you're already registered, log in to AT&T Account Management now to view and pay your bill.

When you bundle your bills, you'll enjoy:

  • Less hassle with one less bill to manage.
  • One monthly payment for both.
  • No added cost.

Small Business Bundled Bill Discounts:

  • Small Business discounts of up to 10% off monthly recurring rate for wireless plan. Only available on new service orders with bundled billing. AT&T local business service required.

To be eligible for bundled billing:

  • You must receive small business plans and services from an AT&T company. (Small businesses are those with 35 or fewer billed telephone lines.)
  • The name, social security number, and billing address of the person responsible for the AT&T plans and services and wireless bills must be the same.
  • AT&T Small Business customers can only bundle bills with a wireless small business plan. If you are not sure if your wireless plan is small business, call 1-866-246-4852 to verify. (Small businesses are those with 35 or fewer billed telephone lines.)
  • You must be authorized to make account changes to all accounts
  • Both AT&T local telephone and wireless accounts must be current, have no past due balances, and have a good payment history.
  • Customers who have given us a security deposit on either account are not eligible.
  • Customers receiving discounted service, such as through an employer plan or group association, are not eligible for bundled bill at this time.
  • GoPhone® and other prepaid wireless services are not eligible.

Note: Other terms and conditions apply. See Legal section below.

How the request works:

  • Bundling your AT&T local and wireless bills can take up to two billing cycles; if your wireless bill is due within a week, please pay it before requesting to bundle bills.
  • Your bundled AT&T bill (either paper or online) will be available within two billing cycles. If you qualified for a monthly discount off your wireless rate, you'll see the discount on your next bill.
  • Any outstanding wireless balances will be transferred to your bundled bill.
  • You can use AT&T Account Management to view and pay your bundled AT&T bill online.
  • Your ability to pay your bill at att.com/wireless will be discontinued when you bundle your wireless bill with your local services bill but you will continue to be able to view and manage your wireless activity at att.com/wireless.
  • Any automatic payment arrangements currently active for only your wireless bill will be discounted.

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Wireless Bundled Bill Discount: Available through AT&T sales channels to qualified AT&T Small Business local service customers who receive a bundled AT&T local and wireless services bill and who subscribe to qualifying wireless plans and qualifying AT&T services. Not available in all areas.