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AT&T Advanced Solutions, Inc. sells DSL transport on a wholesale basis to certain Internet Service Providers who use it to provide high speed DSL Internet Access services to their customers. These ISPs are not affiliated with AT&T or AT&T Internet Services and you will need to contact them directly if you wish to purchase their DSL Internet access services.

The prices and service offerings may vary by ISP. Please check with your choice of provider for details.

DSL Compatible Internet Service Providers
AADSL Extreme
(800) 774-3379
Advantage Computer Enterprises, Inc.
(620) 365-5156
America Online
(888) 849-3200
AuBeta Networks Corporation
(206) 576-5305
Cyber Lodge Internet Services
(620) 886-5654
(800) 774-3379
EarthLink, Inc.
(816) 630-3444
Hubris Communications
(866) 267-4638
(888) 922-3462
KansasNet/Fox Business SystemsCommunications
(785) 776-1452
Kcnet, Inc.
(816) 221-4658
Leavenworth Online, Inc.
(913) 727-2225
MegaPath Networks
(925) 201-2500
Miami County Internet Onramp, Inc.
(913) 294-2777
Netvision Technologies, Inc.
(316) 681-3142
Rivercity Internet Access, LLC (dba Primary Network)
(314) 692-3500
Terra World, Inc
(888) 332-1616 Internet
(816) 455-1600

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