AT&T Trade-in Program

Return. Recycle. Reward.

A Program for Recycling Wireless Phones, Smartphones, Batteries & Accessories

You shut off the water while brushing your teeth. You hit the office light switches off at the end of the day. You even dig through the trash bin to salvage those recyclable aluminum cans. But when it comes to electronic waste (e-waste), do you know how to reduce waste and safeguard human health and our natural environment? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), of the 2.25 million tons of TVs, cell phones and computer products that can be recycled, only 18 percent was collected for recycling and 82 percent was disposed of, primarily in landfills.

While wireless phones comprise just a portion of that e-waste, AT&T and its customers can play an important role in addressing this issue. That is why AT&T has introduced a national recycling program to make recycling easy and accessible for everyone: AT&T Reuse & Recycle.

How Can You Help?

Through the AT&T Trade-in Program, consumers are invited to bring unwanted wireless phones, smartphones, accessories and batteries* (regardless of the manufacturer or carrier) to AT&T company-owned retail stores for recycling Find your closest AT&T retail store.

Trade-in Service

The AT&T Trade-in Program lets AT&T customers turn in old wireless phones and tablets to receive an AT&T Promotion Card. The card can be used to offset the cost of some of the latest wireless devices, purchase of other AT&T products and services or the value can be donated to an AT&T-designated charity. The Trade-in value is determined by device make, model, and condition. Customers can use the card on any AT&T good and services, including smart phones, tablets, accessories and billpay. All phones – regardless of manufacturer or date purchased – will be considered for Trade-in. Start a Trade-in

Protect Your Privacy!

Here's your chance to take advantage of AT&T's many recycling opportunities. And when you do, please help us protect your privacy. Here are some tips to remember before you recycle your wireless phone:

  • Turn off power
  • Remove your phone's SIM card, if it has one
  • Erase your address book, photos, messages and other stored information
  • Restore the device factory settings on your device
  • For instructions on how to do this, go to owner's manual or on the manufacturers' web site and follow the manufacturer's instructions for deleting all personal information on your wireless device, OR access Erase Your Data for additional assistance on clearing data from your device.

* AT&T and our customers handle and dispose of various types of wireless phones, smartphones, accessories, and batteries. Federal and state laws regulate handling and recycling procedures associated with batteries in order to protect human health and the environment. The AT&T recycling program complies with federal and state laws intended to protect human health and the environment, while providing a means for consumers and employees to properly and safely recycle these items. Recyclables include handsets, chargers, nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries, lithium-ion batteries, small sealed lead acid (SSLA) batteries, and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.

AT&T Sustainability

Sustainability is a way of doing business that understands our company's impact on society and the impact social issues have on our business. It's an obligation to operate better and smarter – and run our business in a way that makes sense for both our company and the planet. We have a consumer sustainability website (att.com/ecospace) to highlight that commitment and to show consumers examples of what we're working on to meet our long-term sustainability goals to preserve the world around us. Additionally, at att.com/csr, we showcase our other citizenship and sustainability efforts through videos, blogs, issue briefs and more.

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