Mobile Internet technology is the future.

We made that commitment knowing the potential was enormous — for customers, for society, for our economy and for our shareowners. And I am proud to say that, from the start, your company has led the way.

As bold as our vision was, and as fast as we've already grown, it's now clear that the mobile Internet revolution is exceeding everyone's expectations. Think about all that we've seen in just five short years:

  • Smartphone adoption has soared — with more than 1 billion already sold worldwide, and mobile tablets and eReaders are now on a similar growth trajectory.
  • Mobile applications that make smartphones and tablets even smarter have exploded; last year alone an estimated 12 billion were downloaded worldwide, up 10X over the past five years.
  • To stay ahead of this tidal wave, AT&T and other providers have invested aggressively, deploying new generations of network technology in rapid succession — from 2G to 3G and now to 4G.
  • Innovation has exploded across this high-growth ecosystem, and it continues to accelerate — encompassing network providers, device makers, app developers and customers.

This is without question one of the largest, fastest technology waves in history. As a result, how we live and do business is being reimagined at breakneck speed.

  • The mobile Internet has made virtually everything more immediate and effortless — shopping, financial transactions, games, entertainment, social networking and more.
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

Randall Stephenson
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President