AT&T network continues to grow.

With the network … we're closer, even when we're apart. Safer, even when we're alone. More productive, even when we're pressed for time. And smarter all of the time.

MAKING EVERYTHING MOBILE On top of our world-class network, we're expanding the benefits of mobile connectivity. There's practically no limit to what we can connect to our network — from eReaders to cars to health monitors.

A Drive to Stay Connected When building its first all-electric sedan, Ford turned to AT&T to take the driving experience to the next level. The Ford Focus Electric, which will hit the streets in 2012, will enable drivers to control their cars through the MyFord Mobile smartphone app, connected to an embedded AT&T wireless connection. This technology, combined with Ford's innovative faster-charging feature, lets owners charge the vehicle in half the time and at half the cost.

Drivers will also get MapQuest-powered features to help them calculate how much electric charge they'll need to get to their desired destination, locate the nearest charging stations and plan future routes. And budget-conscious drivers can use a feature that lets them program their cars to begin charging when the price of electricity is lowest. All from their smartphone.

We're helping Ford's drivers get to the future first — at the electric equivalent of 100+ miles per gallon.

MOVING TO THE CLOUD As we expand our deployment of 4G LTE wireless technology and cloud services that enable businesses to easily and cost effectively manage network capacity, we're opening up a new world of possibilities. Our network, layered with world-class security and threat protection, gives us the power to transform lives, businesses and the world.

For example, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH) is a U.S. engineering firm that's regularly counted among the best employers in its industry. SGH works on thousands of projects every year, from new building design to water pipeline investigation. The amount of computing power needed for each project can vary by a factor of 20, and can require up to 100 computer servers for such complex jobs as analyzing the seismic risk to power plants.

To manage it all efficiently, SGH depends on AT&T's cloud capabilities. With AT&T cloud services, SGH can scale its computing power depending on demand, while also realizing significant savings in capital investment. Says Michael Kushakji, SGH's director of IT, "AT&T's cloud computing gives us the flexibility we need … with a lot fewer man hours and less capital."

The cloud solution also helps SGH better serve its customers. "Fast turnaround is increasingly important to our clients — they want us to do more in less time," says Frank Kan, a principal at SGH. "With AT&T's cloud solution, we're able to deliver results on schedule. And that keeps our customers coming back."

AT&T network, cloud solutions and smartphones simplify office access.

Whether working on projects like Boston's Harbor Islands Pavilion (shown here) or analyzing a structure's potential risk from earthquakes, engineering firm Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. relies on cloud solutions from AT&T. And with access to the cloud from smartphones and tablets, the "office" can be nearly anywhere — even at a construction site 30 stories above ground.