AT&T’s commitment to customer experience and service.

AT&T Retail Innovation Centers enhance customer service.

Store employees Dennis Foster and Lindsay Wadelton are proud of the new AT&T Retail Innovation Center — a live laboratory that tests new ideas for enhancing customer service. Says Dennis, "This place is like nothing I've ever seen!"

A powerful network is our foundation. But what truly differentiates AT&T is a drive to deliver a rich, unique and effortless customer experience.

It's an experience that flows from the energy, integrity and commitment of our people: the tens of thousands of retail store reps who put the power of mobile broadband into our customers' hands; the technicians who bring our award-winning U-verse services into millions of homes; and the specialized consultants who work to make businesses more competitive — from startups working out of their homes to multinational corporations that operate on several continents.

Across the board, we've stepped up our focus on the people and places that represent AT&T to the world. In the process, we've opened up a new world of possibilities for our customers.

OUR STORES: THE FACE OF AT&T Our more than 2,300 retail stores — and the employees who work there — are the face of AT&T for the customers who visit more than 150 million times each year.

So each customer visit begins with a promise that we'll provide personal, smart, fast, friendly service. We listen carefully to make sure we understand customers' needs, earn their trust and recommend the very best solutions.

This starts with giving our reps the tools they need — from training to technology — to provide excellent service. As a result, our store reps are unsurpassed nationally for customer satisfaction, according to a third-party research firm.

And in one new store, we're taking the retail experience to new heights. Our new AT&T Retail Innovation Center in Arlington Heights, Ill., opened in late 2011, is a "lab" that allows AT&T to test new ideas for improving the customer experience and export the best ideas to our other stores.

The store has an open layout — to encourage exploration — and a Solutions Center that allows customers and store reps to sit side by side for more personalized service. The new store is making the retail experience more engaging and interactive.