Future of AT&T’s network innovation.

We've led the way in engaging the entire communications innovation ecosystem. Giving app developers around the globe more opportunities. Inspiring new ideas from within. And as a result, we're providing our customers with more choices and delivering them sooner.

Our approach to innovation is built upon four pillars that combine to deliver the future first.

AT&T LABS: EPICENTER OF INNOVATION "The sky's the limit!" says Krish Prabhu. He's talking about the work coming out of AT&T Labs — an organization with a rich history of making big bets on new technology.

As AT&T's chief technology officer, Krish has responsibility for AT&T Labs, which has a threefold mission: make the network smarter, deliver new types of service over the network and improve people's lives. That's a tall order, even for an organization that already has thousands of patents and eight Nobel Prizes in its heritage.

But it's Krish's job to bring that mission to life — a challenge he shares with more than 1,200 other researchers. Together, they're exploring new communications possibilities.

They're envisioning a world in which you don't have to carry your wallet because your purchases and other transactions are secured by the sound of your voice.

A world in which technology lets you have a real-time conversation with someone who speaks a completely different language.

A world in which you can check into a hotel room on your smartphone, have an electronic room key wirelessly sent to your device and enter the room with a wave of your phone over the door handle.

At AT&T Labs, these possibilities and more are all in a day's work.

AT&T Foundry innovation includes mobile solutions in healthcare.

At the AT&T Foundry location in Palo Alto, AT&T is accelerating the pace of innovation by increasing collaboration with developers. Discover how Danika Patrick and Ari Lerner are working with developers to create new mobile solutions in healthcare.