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Fujitsu SRS® 9912-SP and SRS® 9924

Full voice and data capabilities
ISDN provides full key system functionality without the hardware and wiring associated with key systems or PBXs. The Fujitsu SRS-9912-SP ISDN set is designed to help you enjoy all of the advanced features of your Centrex system. The SRS-9912's 24-character display provides easy viewing of calling number information and network messages.

The Fujitsu SRS-9924 ISDN set has 18 keys for call appearances and features, along with a speakerphone and a personal directory. The SRS-9924 add-on button module (ABM)(not pictured) has an additional 30 keys. The SRS-9924 ABM supports demanding call coverage applications and increased speed dial capability. The SRS-9924 is the perfect solution for a broad range of applications in your office. Sets are available in black or white.

Who uses these phones?
These phones are the perfect complement to your ISDN Centrex system for any size business with multiple telephone lines, including call centers. The SRS-9912-SP is perfect for home offices that need an all-purpose phone to provide reliable voice and data communications. The SRS-9924 is an ideal advanced phone for individuals in your office who handle incoming and outgoing calls as well as larger call centers.

Fujitsu SRS 9912 Photo Fujitsu SRS-9924

Fujitsu SRS 9912

Fujitsu SRS 9924

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Voice Features

  • Full key system functionality
  • Call preferences
  • Call appearance reservation
  • Simplified conference and transfer Hold
  • Local directory function for 32 items
  • Intercom voice announce/auto answer
  • One-button access to advanced Centrex features
  • Hearing aid compatible handset
  • Handset volume control
  • Local one-touch speed dialing
  • Fully automatic last number redial capability
  • Unanswered call logging (8 calls max.)
  • Call duration display
  • DTMF support for non-ISDN applications
  • Programmable Smartpause feature
  • LCD display of 2 lines by 24 characters
  • Call monitor
  • Maintainability
    • Service profile identifier (SPID), up to 20 digits
    • End-point service message
    • Automatic TEI assignment
    • Parameter downloading versions 1 and 2
    • DMS 100 service profile management
    • AutoSPID capability
  • Colors and specifications
    • All phones are available in black or white.
    • ISDN Set
      • 3.5"H x 8.1"W x 9.3"D
      • 4.8"H with tilt legs
      • Weight 2.42 lbs
    • ABM
      • 3.2"H x 2.7"W x 9.3"D
      • 4.5"H with tilt legs
      • Weight 0.88 lbs
    • Customizing your phone
      • Hearing aid compatible
      • Volume control for both voice and ringing
      • Date and time display
      • Desktop or wall mountable

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