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Centrex Mate

Centrex Mate Basic User's Guide.

What is Centrex Mate?

  • Centrex Mate is a flexible, convenient and cost-effective feature that allows you to manage your Centrex system from your office. You can change features, rearrange stations, and customize every phone in your office without having to initiate service orders through Ameritech. With Centrex Mate, you get control without the cost.
  • Centrex Mate works as a DOS program (soon to be GUI) on any office PC. You need to supply only a PC and a modem.

Do I need to buy any extra equipment?
Usually not. All you need is a PC and a modem. Ameritech provides a dial-up number and an access code.

Will I need training?
SBC provides you with initial training. Because Centrex Mate is so easy to use, you probably won't need any subsequent training. There are a number of Centrex user groups throughout the our region that meet frequently to discuss new features and novel ways to use Centrex Mate to solve typical business problems.

What are the benefits?

  • You can add, change, remove and rearrange Centrex features on any Centrex line in your system.
  • Lines can be suspended during periods of low usage, such as summer months for a school system.
  • The changes you make do not incur service charges.
  • You can design reports on many aspects of your system.
  • You can design custom calling areas for each phone in the system to control costs.

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How can Centrex Mate help me?

  • With Centrex Mate, you can reduce the potential for phone abuse. You can permit some employees, but not others, to make long-distance calls.
  • Centrex Mate allows you to quickly adjust the Centrex system for internal office moves, new hires, and reorganizations. You can rearrange lines from one location to another when employees move within the office.
  • You can save on usage (but not access) charges by deactivating lines that are not in use.
  • You can change the pre-recorded announcements used throughout your Centrex system.

Is Centrex Mate available to everyone?

  • Centrex Mate is a standard feature for Centrex systems of seven lines or more in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. For Centrex systems of two to six lines in these states, Centrex Mate is an optional feature.
  • In Indiana, Centrex Mate is an optional feature for Centrex systems of 11 lines or more.

To order Centrex Mate, call 1-800-480-8088 Monday through Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm Central.

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