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Local Toll* calls are toll calls made within your Service Area. California is divided into 11 LATA's also known as Service Areas. As displayed in the map below, SBC California serves ten of these areas.

Service Area Map Graphic

What is Local Toll? Calls within each area, up to about 12 miles**, are local calls. In metropolitan areas, calls between 13 and 16 miles are Zone Usage Measurement (ZUM) Zone 3 calls. All other calls within each Service Area are now referred to as Local Toll calls. In non-ZUM areas Local Toll calls start at 13 miles.

Graphic Representation of a Service Area

*Local Toll calls are also known as Message Toll Telecommunications Service calls, Service Area toll calls or Local Plus calls.

**Mileage for telephone calls is calculated from a common point in your community (a "rate center") to the "rate center" in the community you are calling.

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