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Cingular(R) Multimedia Messaging
Cingular® Multimedia Messaging
Cingular Multimedia Messaging allows you to use your multimedia-enabled phone to store and share mobile photos and video, receive alerts, send greeting cards, and much more.

Share Photos
Cingular Multimedia Messaging allows you to use your multimedia-enabled camera phone to snap and instantly send digital photos as easily as you make phone calls. And if a photo needs a little explanation, just record and send a voice message with it.

Share Video
With a Cingular Video Phone and Multimedia Messaging, you're not limited to still photos. You can capture short video clips and instantly send them to friends and family. It's a great way to share important moments with loved ones who cannot be with you.

Yahoo! Mobile Photos Upload
You never have to delete pictures from your camera phone again. Instead, upload digital photos directly from your multimedia-enabled camera phone to Yahoo! Mobile Photos.

Online Storage Features
Yahoo! Mobile Photos is the premier mobile photography website, where you can print, store, organize, and email your pictures to friends and family.

Voice Messaging
Got big news? Make an announcement. With Cingular Multimedia Messaging, you can record a single voice message and send it to several people at once. That way you can tell everyone who needs to know at the same time.

Multimedia Store
Take advantage of your multimedia-enabled phone. Send last-second greeting cards and receive alerts on the latest sports scores, news headlines, weather, or even your horoscope. It's all available at the Multimedia Store.

Actual equipment may vary.