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The New AT&T Family of Companies Residential Customer Benefits Snapshot
Consumer Services
Customer Benefit Customer Requirements Benefit Details
Connections bundling discounts extend to AT&T long distance customers
Customers must have SBC local service with any AT&T long distance plan
Receive discounts beginning Dec. 10 for Cingular Wireless ($5 off for new Cingular customers, $3 off for existing Cingular customers who joint bill) and SBC Yahoo! DSL Express for $16.99.
With SBC access line only, receive monthly $4 discount off SBC | DISH packages.
Annual savings for all services totaling more than $200 if purchased separately.
Newest bundle of All Distance, SBC | DISH Network America's Top 120 and SBC Yahoo! DSL Express available today for less than $100 a month — a discount of more than $10 a month for six months.
Web-surfing is greatly improved, without all of the typical hassles of changing ISPs
AT&T Worldnet® Service dial-up and broadband customers in the traditional 13-state SBC local service area
Enhance your online experience and get great rates with SBC Yahoo! DSL or Dial service — all without changing your e-mail address. Customers will get a new e-mail address, but they will be able to keep their Worldnet one too.
Moving across town or across country is easier
Any SBC or AT&T customer
Go online or call to transfer or sign up for communications and entertainment services. The combined company can help with residential communications needs nationwide.
Earn rewards with certain product purchases and promotions
AT&T customers with an SBC access line subscribing to key services
After Dec. 10, earn up to $175 in gift cards by purchasing SBC Yahoo! DSL, Cingular Wireless, SBC or AT&T Long Distance or SBC | DISH Network service. Rewards for this promotion also include free music downloads, movie tickets, magazine subscriptions and more.
Connections bundling discounts extend to AT&T long distance customers
Customers must have SBC local service with any AT&T long distance plan
Cingular's industry-leading wireless network includes:
Superior spectrum availability in the nation's top 100 markets.
A fully digital, GSM/GPRS infrastructure across its footprint.
EDGE wireless broadband across its footprint.
UMTS broadband, which is currently being deployed to deliver higher-speed broadband services in metro markets.
Access to more than 18,000 Wi-Fi hot spot locations in the United States and 41 additional countries.
Comprehensive wireless LAN service options.
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