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Suppliers: We want to work with you

The new AT&T purchases billions in goods and services each year. The AT&T Supply Chain and Fleet Operations organization is responsible for negotiating and contracting goods and services for the AT&T enterprise both domestically (in the United States) and globally. Additional responsibilities include delivering goods and services in ways that ensure quality and value for AT&T businesses and their customers.

AT&T views the supply line as a strategic component of the business, and is constantly seeking ways to improve its performance and reduce costs. Such improvements come from many sources, including achieving procurement scale economies and standardizing products to reduce costs, engaging with suppliers to optimize performance and applying more sophisticated warehousing and distribution techniques to gain efficiencies.

At AT&T, we understand the significance of the relationships we develop with our suppliers. Our suppliers are critical to our future growth and success. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will allow us and our suppliers to attain the highest level of excellence.

AT&T needs to be able to count on its suppliers for high-quality innovative products and services, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. We are interested in suppliers who:

  • Add value to supply chain
  • Have a core competency in the product or service they provide
  • Have a positive track record
  • Have the ability to scale to meet growth changes within the business
  • Are in good financial standing
  • Support minority, women and disabled veterans business enterprise participation

Supplier Engagement Process

The first step in engaging with AT&T is to complete the registration process in our AT&T Prospective Supplier database.

When we receive your registration, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation. Your registration will be evaluated by our staff to ensure that all information is complete. If we have questions or if we need additional information you will be contacted. Once the form has gone through the initial evaluation process, the information is added to our Supplier Information Database (SID).  We will contact you regarding next steps only if opportunities exist within your core competency areas.  Note:  Registering as a supplier does not guarantee business opportunities with AT&T.

More information, including requirements for prospective suppliers and our registration, can be found at our AT&T Suppliers portal.




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