Corporate Governance

Reporting of Accounting, Internal Accounting Controls or Auditing Complaints or Concerns

Employees or other persons may anonymously and confidentially report complaints or concerns regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters relating to AT&T or its subsidiaries or affiliates through the AT&T Hotline at 1-888-871-2622. The AT&T Hotline is administered by a third-party vendor. Callers are not required to identify themselves when calling. The AT&T Hotline does not show the number of the caller. In each case, the identity of the complainant will not be known unless volunteered. If the complainant does volunteer his or her name, it will be kept confidential at the request of the complainant.

Employees and other persons, including those outside the U.S. may report a complaint or a concern regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters directly to the Audit Committee through the Office of the Secretary of AT&T (Secretary). The Secretary will either summarize submissions for the relevant Directors, keeping the originals available for inspection by the Directors or will forward the original materials as addressed. On request, the Secretary will keep the identity of an employee confidential and will share that person's identity with only the Legal Department, the Audit Committee and/or the office of the senior internal auditing executive (the "Internal Auditor"). The secretary's office will also accept anonymous complaints.