Media Kit: 2011 AT&T Business Continuity Study

2011 AT&T Business
Continuity Study

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Summary of Survey

Summary of Survey

For ten consecutive years, AT&T has surveyed IT executives from business and organizations throughout the United States to measure current trends and views on business continuity and disaster recovery preparedness. The survey respondents belong to companies with total revenues of more than $25 million.

AT&T offers a wide array of business continuity services, encompassing disaster planning, risk management, recovery preparedness and communications readiness. AT&T Business Continuity Services are comprehensive, providing customers with business-impact analysis, risk assessments, enterprise hosting, cloud services and application services, a full continuum of storage solutions, high-availability network solutions and network and IT security solutions.

National Study Results

National Study Results

As the Southern states recover from April's devastating storms, the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery efforts is a topic that remains close to home for businesses and organizations across the United States. A recent study by AT&T found that 84% of executives have responded to the need to prepare for disasters by implementing business continuity plans. And when the government issues an alert for an impending emergency, nearly two-thirds (65%) of companies take specific actions to protect their employees and businesses.

Full details on the national study results can be found here.

In addition, AT&T has provided year over year study results here.

Key findings from the study include:

  • Evolutions in technology and recovering IT budgets have enabled businesses to investigate new means for maintaining critical operations in the face of natural or manmade disasters. Eight out of ten (80%) executives indicate that their companies will be investing in new technologies in 2011, and a majority (54%) of organizations surveyed currently use or are considering using cloud services to augment their business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.
  • The security implications of social networking remain a concern for IT executives, even as their companies begin to integrate these tools into their business strategies. Three out of four (79%) of executives expressed concerns about the increased usage of social networking capabilities, though more than half (56%) of companies allow employees to access social networking tools from the corporate network.

Additionally, AT&T recently conducted an online Small Business Technology Poll of more than 2,000 small business owners nationwide to learn more about the importance of technology in their daily operations. Almost all of the companies surveyed (96%) use wireless technologies today, and more than 70% are turning to mobile apps to save time, increase productivity, and reduce costs for their businesses. See more results here.

Local Survey Markets

Local Survey Markets

The 2011 AT&T Business Continuity Study is based on an online survey of 401 Information Technology (IT) executives in four U.S. metropolitan areas. For more information on the results of these individual markets, click on the links below.

AT&T also surveyed 100 IT executives in the London area as part of the 2011 Business Continuity Study. Click below for details.

Previous Study Results

Previous Study Results

Over the past ten years, we've surveyed IT executives from companies nationwide to get their views on disaster planning and business continuity trends.

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