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AT&T Brings More Second-Screen Features, Content to U-verse Customers on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, and Online
The remote control is no longer the main device sitting next to you on the couch.

VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions(TM) from AT&T Can Help Checkout Speed and Customer Experience
No one likes waiting in line. When shoppers find the right tee shirt, greeting card or video game, they want to pay for it right then and there – and that’s what VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions™ from AT&T allows them to do....

Developers Creating the Next Great Social App at AT&T/Facebook Hackathon
For developers looking to build the next big thing in social apps, what better place to start than the social event of the tech season? AT&T and Facebook on May 4-5 will host a special hackathon for HTML5 mobile app developers with a focus on social networking. The event will be held in the heart of Silicon Valley at the AT&T Foundry® innovation center....

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Mobile Location-Based Messaging & Life Apps | AT&T Labs
Donde is a location-based messaging service designed for mobile devices. Learn about this innovative mobile life app.

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Innovative Mobile App Ideas Simply Life | AT&T
Innovative mobile app ideas like Got My Stuff simply life. AT&T networked life keeps you connected with emerging devices, mobile devices and smartphones.

Mobile Local Search Apps, Technology & Mobile Devices | AT&T Labs
Through AT&T Networked Life, mobile local search apps and technology allow smartphones and other emerging mobile devices the ability to keep people connected.

Mobile App Innovation Brings ShadowPuppets | AT&T Labs
Mobile app innovation and emerging devices like mobile phone projectors bring interactive apps like ShadowPuppets.

TV through CAM and Speech API Technology | AT&T Labs
AT&T?s most innovative apps include content augmented media technology, a new way to watch TV. Learn about AT&T?s speech API and CAM platform.

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