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AT&T to Provide $100 Million of Free Mobile Access to Educational Resources
AT&T today announced plans to commit $100 million of free mobile broadband access to educational websites, applications and services, and professional development to help middle-school students and their teachers....

Central Unified School District in Fresno Delivers Mobile Learning with AT&T
As the role of technology in education grows, nearly 15,000 students in the Central Unified School District in Fresno will be provided new tablets powered by AT&T as part of a 3-year, multi-million dollar deal....

AT&T invests $5 million in Communities In Schools
Nearly one in five high school students don’t graduate with their class, with a devastating impact on lives and a crisis for our future job force, the economy and U.S. global competition.

HACEMOS Hosts National High Technology Day to Inspire Students in Science and Engineering
AT&T’s Hispanic/Latino Association, HACEMOS, will host its annual HACEMOS National High Technology Day in 33 cities across the country on Thursday, Feb. 28.

Using the Power of Evidence-based Funding to Reduce the High School Dropout Rate
Local organizations are on the front lines of education each and every day, and they deserve recognition, thanks and the opportunity to scale up the impact they make on students in their communities.

High School Dropout Prevention & Workforce Ready Program | AT&T
Education grants from AT&T Aspire are helping programs aimed at getting high school students ready for the workplace and lowering the high school dropout rates.

High School Success Stories from the AT&T Aspire Education Foundation
Watch how education grants to students have helped prepared students for the workplace and college. Learn how AT&T Aspire has been helping fund high school dropout prevention programs.

Educational Foundation Grants from AT&T Aspire
Grants for education from AT&T Aspire have helped over 1,000 organizations provide support to high school students.

Outside Voices | AT&T Aspire Educational Foundation
eaders in education support AT&T?s educational foundation, AT&T Aspire. Since 2008 our grants have helped students become workforce ready after graduating high school.

Social Innovation in Education | AT&T Aspire Educational Foundation
Read how AT&T Aspire and the AT&T Foundry foundations are helping innovate the education system in the United States.

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