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Cloud Enables Advances in Medical Imaging Innovation
Patient diagnosis and treatment can be delayed as doctors wait for access to large imaging files, search through multiple systems for patient images, or request prior medical images.

AT&T and Numera Combine Personal Safety and Home Health Management with New Personal Health Gateway
As 78 million baby boomers continue to age, falling is a serious issue that is often a precursor to many other serious and chronic health concerns.

The House Call Reinvented: Video Creates Personal Doctor-Patient Connection Via Cloud Based Remote Patient Monitoring Service
Today’s patient-centered model puts the responsibility on healthcare providers to understand more about their patients outside of the hospital.

Looking Ahead: Top Five Healthcare IT Trends for 2013
Getting to the future first doesn’t happen overnight. AT&T’s strength comes from leading industry trends for healthcare customers seeking to harness technology to enable an integrated approach to healthcare – where providers and payers work together as an efficient and effective team – while enabling patients to take a more active role in their own care....

Remote Patient Monitoring Service Connects Patients and Caregivers, Helps to Prevent Hospital Stays
Chronic conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes account for nearly 80 percent of physician visits, over 80 percent of hospital inpatient stays, over 90 percent of prescriptions, and over 95 percent of home healthcare visits....

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Air Graffiti Mobile Application | AT&T Labs
The Air Graffiti mobile application uses cloud services to place photos, and videos ?in the air? at a physical location.

QNX Concept Car with Watson Speech Recognition | AT&T Labs
The QNX Concept Car includes a voice-enabled virtual assistant using Watson Speech Recognition Technology.

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AT&T Speech API ? Voice Biometrics | AT&T Innovation
Learn about the AT&T speech API powered by the AT&T Watson speech engine.

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