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AT&T's U-verse® Easy Remote Application | AT&T Labs
Voice controlled U-verse Easy Remote mobile application connects to U-verse TV and responds to your voice and gestures.

AT&T Speech Translator Using Speech Recognition Technology | AT&T Labs
AT&T translator uses Watson speech recognition technology, translates in near real time and provides you the translation via multiple applications including text messaging or on your mobile.

OpenMSS (Managed Security Services) Technology Innovation from AT&T
New Enterprise network security service, OpenMSS, a managed security service will provide faster, more seamless access to AT&T?s security tools.

Risks of Texting while Driving Inspires Driving Safety Mobile Platform
The Driving Safely platform was created in response to distracted driving, such as texting while driving. This mobile application can disable calls, texts or social networks so users won?t drive distracted....

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Ambient Communications for Business Solutions | AT&T Innovation Labs
Ambient communications is an enterprise business solution that combines video conferencing and machine-to-machine communications to create a new way to communicate globally with colleagues.

SafeCell for Commercial Driver Safety | AT&T Innovation
SafeCell, developed by the AT&T Foundry, is an application that improves safety of commercial drivers.

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Connected Business Center for Small Business Mobile Application Management
The Connected Business Center (CBC) Project manages small business mobile applications under one environment. This mobile application management service integrates all of AT&T?s network services under one environment. ...

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