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AT&T Reaches Halfway Mark in Commitment to Deploy 15,000 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Through 2018
Halfway there and not breaking speed, AT&T has reached the halfway mark of its commitment to invest up to $565 million to deploy approximately 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles over the course of a ten year period through 2018....

AT&T Saves $151 Million Through Cutting-Edge Energy Efficiency Efforts Over Three Years
How much money can more than 14,300 energy-reducing projects save a company? 

AT&T Announces Continued Support for Telecoms Sans Frontieres
AT&T furthered its commitment to Télécoms Sans Frontières (“TSF”), the world’s leading emergency telecommunications NGO, yesterday with a donation of $150,000, bringing the total level of support AT&T and the AT&T Foundation have given to the charity over the last decade to $800,000....

AT&T: Empowering Consumers Through Sustainability
American consumers are in the midst of a communications revolution, and AT&T’s technology has the power to help our world operate more sustainably.

Causes.com and AT&T Launch New Social Engagement Platform to Encourage Activism
Just in time for the holiday season, Causes.com and AT&T unveiled a first-of-its-kind community to encourage activism: Connect For Good. Through this platform, millions of people will be able to directly and positively impact some of the most relevant issues we face today: the dangers of texting and driving, the importance of recycling cell phones and the crisis of declining high school graduation rates....

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