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Social Innovation in Education | AT&T Aspire Educational Foundation
Read how AT&T Aspire and the AT&T Foundry foundations are helping innovate the education system in the United States.

Outside Voices | AT&T Aspire Educational Foundation
eaders in education support AT&T?s educational foundation, AT&T Aspire. Since 2008 our grants have helped students become workforce ready after graduating high school.

Educational Foundation Grants from AT&T Aspire
Grants for education from AT&T Aspire have helped over 1,000 organizations provide support to high school students.

High School Success Stories from the AT&T Aspire Education Foundation
Watch how education grants to students have helped prepared students for the workplace and college. Learn how AT&T Aspire has been helping fund high school dropout prevention programs.

High School Dropout Prevention & Workforce Ready Program | AT&T
Education grants from AT&T Aspire are helping programs aimed at getting high school students ready for the workplace and lowering the high school dropout rates.

High School Job Shadowing Programs from AT&T Aspire
Career shadowing and education grants from AT&T Aspire have helped high school students prepare to enter the workplace after school.

Supporting our Military Troops, Veterans | AT&T is Helping our Military Heroes
Learn how AT&T is supporting our military troops and veterans returning home. Our military support services include the Cell Phones for Soldiers program and working with military families.

Technology & Environmental Sustainability Initiatives
Innovative technology and environmental sustainability initiatives are focuses of AT&T. Read about AT&T?s corporate sustainability efforts and ICT solutions.

Recycle & Donate Cell Phones for Soldiers | AT&T

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