Video bill from AT&T Foundry® and SundaySky


In 2012, AT&T launched an innovative new service called video bill for our wireless customers that makes it easier than ever to understand your monthly charges. Video bill is an automatically-generated, personalized video with computer animation and voice narration that explains the elements of your bill. The video bill is not a generic overview, but a line-by-line visual and audio tour of your individual charges, emailed directly to you and also available when you log in to your myAT&T account online.

And AT&T was the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to offer video bills for our customers.

We began by launching video bill to several thousand wireless customers in the Mountain Time Zone and have since deployed it across the U.S. New AT&T wireless customers receive these video bills for their first and second month bills, as do existing customers who change or upgrade their wireless account.

SundaySky and the AT&T Foundry®

The underlying technology for video bill came to the AT&T Foundry® innovation center in Israel in October 2010, when a company called SundaySky explained in a "fast pitch" presentation how its service automatically creates customized product videos for online shoppers.

It's a neat idea, but our focus was on finding ways to improve the customer service experience for our subscribers. So experts at AT&T, SundaySky, and Amdocs, which sponsors the AT&T Foundry® in Israel, got together to figure out how we could quickly customize this capability for our needs.

The technology behind video bill is incredibly sophisticated, but seamless to our users. Amdocs' billing systems deployed at AT&T, including the Amdocs document designer system, feed customers' billing information into SundaySky's technology. Each video is automatically generated based on the details of each customer's account.

But just showing the numbers wasn't enough. We also wanted to have a narrator give an audio tour of the individual billing elements. To do that, we had human voice actors record all the possible billing combinations, and record audio of more than 1,500 first names, so that you're greeted by name when the video starts playing. The computer system assembles those audio and video elements without any human interaction, and then delivers the finished product to your email inbox and to your myAT&T online homepage.

Just five months after we began working with SundaySky, we were running a pilot video bill program with our U-verse® Voice, TV and Internet customers.


The response was overwhelmingly positive, with over 85 percent of users saying they found the video bills helpful.

Once we had the concept down, we brought in other AT&T business units to expand the reach of video bill.

We soon moved to a national rollout for U-verse video bill. With that experience under our belt, we then deployed video bill to all our wireless customers.