Power, Performance and Production Remain Steadfast for AT&T's Connection Kit Program

Axeda Enhancement Allows Faster, Cost-Effective Methods for M2M Solutions

Dallas, Texas, October 12, 2011

Device developers are now able to harness the power and flexibility of Axeda’s M2M cloud platform with AT&T’s Connection Kit program powered by Jasper Wireless — beginning with the Ericsson Module Kit to prototype, pilot, and deploy connected systems faster and more cost-effectively than ever before on the AT&T network

Axeda’s addition to the AT&T Connection Kit program offers device developers a convenient and powerful platform to further streamline development, optimize performance, and create a more efficient path to production. 

These enhancements allows users to:

  • Collect and analyze data and notify people or systems when action is required.
  • Track and trace product location and use geofences for rules based on exiting or entering an area.
  • Create business logic to orchestrate business processes without programming.
  • Include cellular, satellite, and Internet communication optimized for minimum transmission costs.
  • Connect real-time information with business systems using standards-based Web Services and message queues.  

The AT&T Connection Kit includes trial access to the Axeda® Platform and a free, downloadable sample agent, enabling users to build enterprise – grade M2M applications faster. Using the Axeda Platform, device developer can focus on application design, not the underlying infrastructure, while easily deploying solutions from the cloud. 

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