YP Local Ad Network Serves Over 1 Billion Mobile Local Ads Monthly

One of the fastest growing mobile local ad networks to reach 1B milestone in less than six months

Glendale, California, December 08, 2011

AT&T Interactive’s YP Local Ad Network now serves more than one billion mobile local in-app ads monthly[1].  Since the launch of in-app local ads in April, the YP Local Ad Network has been delivering local ads across the nation to 75 mobile publishers such as Topix, as well as major supply side platforms including AdMarvel and Amobee.

“With in-app local ads, AT&T Interactive has dramatically extended the reach of the YP Local Ad Network to mobile,” said Mike Fordyce, SVP of Business Development.  “As an example of our local coverage, in a two week period, 14 percent of app users in Los Angeles saw an in-app local ad from the YP Local Ad Network[2]. That kind of unique reach in local makes the YP Local Ad Network a compelling mobile advertising solution for publishers and advertisers.”  

According to AT&T Interactive data, click through rates (CTR’s) for mobile ads are up to four times more sensitive to distance than online ads, making local coverage and geo-targeting critical to generating positive user engagement.[3]  “AT&T Interactive is redefining mobile local advertising through innovative products like in-app ads,” said David Krantz, president and CEO of AT&T Interactive. “Our comprehensive local ad inventory combined with geo-targeting technology enables us to deliver the right ads to the right audience at the right time to generate higher user engagement and conversion.”

“We’ve had a 50 percent increase in eCPMs with in-app ads,” said Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix, a comScore-ranked Top 10 online newspaper destination[4].  “In addition, in-app ads were easy to integrate and set up, which enabled us to have ads running live in minutes.”

In-App Local Ads Are Part Of the Premiere YP Local Ad Network

AT&T Interactive’s in-app local ads benefit from the same assets that have made the YP Local Ad Network successful.  The industry’s largest local media sales force helps ensure that more than 16 million local listings are up-to-date across 4,600 different consumer search categories.  The YP Local Ad Network serves search and display ads across online and mobile, enabling over 300 publishers to monetize their properties. The Network’s advanced ad technology uses local search trends that may be seasonal or event-based to better connect consumers with local businesses that are most relevant to them. 

In-app local ads are available to mobile app publishers on all major mobile platforms. To learn

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